Infrastructure Orchestration & Management

⇢ Cloud agnostic - interfaces with all major public, private and hybrid cloud providers

⇢ One click deployment of complete environment - creates and manages virtual resources in minutes.

⇢ Provides End-End Infrastructure orchestration and Management services

⇢ Seamless re-deployment of virtual resources

⇢ Cloud Bursting - scaling environment from one cloud to other

⇢ Resilient environment with automated recovery

⇢ Automatic synchronization between Primary and DR

⇢ ServiceNow – Order guides/catalogs are built using the ServiceNow integration

⇢ CMDB - All data is integrated into the ServiceNow CMDB

⇢ Hardware discovery of the complete IT environment and provides interactive network topology

⇢ Interfaces with all major storage providers

⇢ Software discovery provides complete details of all services

⇢ Continuous or scheduled discovery of application and infrastructure, agent or agentless

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Service/Application Orchestration & Management

⇢ Seamlessly launches services/applications on Windows and Linux operating system for physical servers and all major cloud providers (Private, Public, Hybrid clouds).

⇢ Automatically deploys full application stack

⇢ Provides incremental / rolling updates for the full application stack with little to no downtime

⇢ Provides capability to dynamically allocate resources for efficiency and cost optimization

⇢ Provides resilient environment for the full stack (Applications, Web Servers, Database Servers, Storage devices) with support of automatic recovery, dynamic scaling, load balancing, and proactive monitoring

⇢ Proactively monitors services, storage devices and network.

⇢ Generates alerts and notifications in near real-time

⇢ Provides performance analysis for usage, cloud provider, network I/O, application usage

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Container Management

⇢ Promotes running services in containers in support of DevOps CI/CD efforts

⇢ Manages applications developed in containers for increased portability

⇢ Supports Kubernetes and Docker Swarm

⇢ Provides standardized environments for development use

⇢ Supports on-premise or cloud deployments

⇢ Delivers validated updates for container environment

Operations Management

⇢ Proactively monitors infrastructure and services

⇢ Tracks resource utilization to help capacity planning

⇢ Generates near real-time alerts. Allows for custom alert generation

⇢ Includes log collection and correlation

⇢ Builds dynamic topology from server to application to container level

⇢ Provides real-time traffic flow between nodes from application to container level

⇢ Integrates with Asset Management System to synchronize asset information


Custom reports with filtering are provided for:

⇢ Entire IT environment

⇢ Individual Virtual Machine level

⇢ Service/Application level