Infrastructure Orchestration & Management

⇢ Interfaces with all major public, private and hybrid cloud providers.

⇢ Interfaces with all major storage provides.

⇢ Creates and manages Virtual Resources in minutes

⇢ Provides End-End Infrastructure orchestration and Management services

⇢ Seamlessly migration of virtual resource between clouds

⇢ Cloud Bursting - Scaling environment from one cloud to other

⇢ Anti-fragile environment with automated recovery

⇢ Automatic synchronization between Primary and DR

⇢ Supports all major operating systems

⇢ Proactively monitors infrastructure

⇢ Solution integrates with SaaS & PaaS platforms like ServiceNow

⇢ Generates real-time alerts and has capability to manage ticketing system

⇢ Supports hardware discovery of the complete IT environment and provides interactive network topology

⇢ Custom reports with page wise filtering are provided for the entire IT environment

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Service/Application Orchestration & Management

⇢ Seamlessly launches services/applications on Windows and Linux operating system for physical servers and all major cloud providers (Private, Public, Hybrid clouds).

⇢ Automatically deploys full application stack

⇢ Provides Incremental / Rolling updates for the full application stack with no downtime

⇢ Provides capability to dynamically allocates resources for efficiency and cost optimization

⇢ Proactive operations management

⇢ Provides anti-fragile environment for the full stack (Applications, Web Servers, Database Servers, Storage devices etc.,) with support of Automatic recovery, auto scaling, load balancing, proactive monitoring

⇢ Proactively monitors services, storage devices and network. Generates alerts in near real-time

⇢ Provides performance analysis of the Data Center up to the Service level of Usage, Cloud Provider, Network I/O, application usage etc.,

⇢ Supports software discovery and provides complete details of all services

⇢ Supports various services:

Web Server
Middleware Servers
Database Server
High Performance Servers
Version Control

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⇢ Continuous or Scheduled discovery of application and infrastructure. Supports agent or agent less discovery. Quick and efficient way to discover resources.

⇢ Hardware Discovery

Discover instances, routers and switches in the infrastructure based on IP range.

Discover Operating System

Graphical representation of infrastructure relationship

⇢ Software Discovery

Discover services/applications in existing infrastructure

Discover the versions, relationships of the services/applications

⇢ Integrates with Asset management systems to synchronize the asset information

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⇢ Proactively monitors infrastructure and services. Generates near real time alerts. Keep track of resource utilization to help capacity planning.

⇢ Custom alert generation

⇢ Infrastructure Monitoring

Agent and agentless Monitoring

Monitors CPU, Memory, Disk, network flow

Port monitoring

SSL Certificate monitoring

NIC traffic flow monitoring

Process monitoring

⇢ Application/Service

Custom application monitoring

Application process monitoring

Application level CPU, memory usage

Generates near real-time alerts

⇢ Network

Network bandwidth

Latency, Jitter

Traffic flow from each port

Monitor firewall rules

⇢ Containers

Container CPU, Memory, Disk usage

Replication monitoring

Image version monitoring

Dynamic topology building from Server to application to container level

Provide real time traffic flow between nodes from application to container level

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Custom reports with page wise filtering are provided for the entire IT environment to the individual Virtual Machine level and the Service/Application level

Log Insight

⇢ Logs collection and correlation

⇢ Provides root cause for the alerts

⇢ Provides key insight to issues

Container as a Service

⇢ Container as a Service promotes running services in containers. Container as a Service helps to achieve auto scaling, load balancing and auto healing features.

⇢ Features

Auto scale

Auto Healing

Faster Deployments

Container Monitoring

Service Customization