Matilda Cloud empower businesses to reduce cloud migration time and expense, accelerate application delivery to launch new products, and drive digital transformation.


Consider the time required to move an application from an on-premises deployment into a cloud-based environment. Matilda Cloud Solutions provide an application migration platform to move physical or virtual hosted environments to the cloud. Now, application migrations can happen in hours instead of days.


Quick Deployment of Complete Environment
Creates and manages virtual resources in minutes

Cloud-Agnostic Features
Interfaces with all major public private and hybrid cloud providers

Lifecycle Management of the Environment
Uses workflow-driven catalogs to request servers storage, network services, and applications

Accelerated Developer Productivity
Provides catalog choices that reduce the need for extensive tools training


Consider the sprawl created from the use of VMs when they were first introduced. The cloud version of the same sprawl is now occurring. Matilda Cloud Solutions manage this sprawl by helping you with cost analysis and reporting, thereby optimizing cloud expenses. Our solutions also enable you to evaluate the cost of cloud providers to determine which one(s) you want to use.


Monitoring Data
Provides usage reporting and intelligent rebalancing of workloads to optimize ongoing cloud costs

Expense Management Control
Achieves expense management using dynamic scaling capabilities

Standardized Environment and Tool Options
Uses workflow-driven catalogs to standardize tool options and help reduce training costs


Consider the many areas where Development and Operations intersect.  An essential feature of our solution is managing the options provided to the Development teams to ensure IT policies are followed, and to automate the release management cycle for quicker deployment. Matilda Cloud Solutions provide a framework to support your current operational challenges and future digital transformation initiatives.


Easily Move Workloads
Workloads easily transition from dev to test, to staging and production, as well as between cloud environments

Service Catalog-Based Workflows
Control the choices being offered to the Development teams by providing IT Operations defined workflows

Support of CI/CD Automation
Support automation activities via built-in integration with code repositories

Container Management Functions
Enable intelligent scaling, load balancing, high availability, and support for digital transformation activities