Comprehensive Benefits Await with CNET Global Solutions

Our well-established and robust compensation and benefits program differentiates us within the industry. Combined with our focus on employee care, it allows us to attract and retain a growing team of highly qualified consultants.

Explore the advantages that come with working for a global company.

Medical, Dental, and Vision

We offer a comprehensive health insurance package that includes wellness benefits, a prescription drug card, and a low network deductible. Dental and vision coverage is included with the medical package.


All full-time, salaried employees start accruing vacation from day one and can take vacation after completion of one year of service. Employees receive two weeks of vacation per year for the first five years and three weeks after five years.

Training and Professional Development

We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. We make every effort to help enhance their skills by providing opportunities to acquire technical certifications. 

Visa Sponsorship and Green Card Processing

We assist employees and their families for visa processing. We sponsor candidates for green cards, and provide assistance with, and expedited processing for, green card and visa paperwork.


CNET Global Solutions has a reputation for submitting only the most qualified candidates to our clients. We consider several characteristics when deciding on candidate fitness for a specific job. These include, but are not limited to: skill set, general experience, industry experience, availability, and career ambitions. As such, each candidate will go through an extensive interview and testing process.

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