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Advisory / Consulting Services

Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance into opportunities, developing strategies and enhancing value are at the core of what we do for leading organizations.


Technology has the potential to change everything. By connecting ServiceNow’s platform with CNET’s knowledge in service management process design, integration, and organizational change, we are opening up new...

Managed Services

Companies today have a growing dependency on frequently changing, up-to-the-minute, digital information. Inefficient IT processes can disrupt the flow of this vital data, leading to lost production, sales, and revenues...

Advisory / Consulting Services

Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance into opportunities, developing strategies and enhancing value are at the core of what we do for leading organizations.

Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting professionals can help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. We will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, until we have delivered the results that matter to you.

What does your business need to do to thrive?

How can we help you change things?

Where will you start?

Although every organization has unique business problems, companies also contend with common challenges as they strive for profitable growth in an increasingly complex business environment. These challenges may deal with how to integrate evolving technologies, or how to ensure talent for the future, or how to best support strategic ambitions, among many others.There are plenty of theories around those business issues. Theory is great but making it real is critical to success. At CNET Global Solutions our business is the business of reality. We address your issues with expertise from professionals who have been in your industry and have had your responsibilities. They go beyond theory to find viable, real-world ways to take your company in new directions. CNET Global Solutions can help you engage with your customers.

Engage with your customers

Customer expectations are rapidly evolving and you know you need to deliver against them. But not at a cost to your own profitability.

How well are you managing your customer experience investments?

Are you clear which products and customers are the most profitable?

CNET Global Solutions can help you balance what your customer wants with what your business can profitably deliver. Combining industry experience with functional acumen, we provide deep economic analysis, robust customer insights and market intelligence, and strategic business direction to help you generate ROI from your investments in customer-centricity.

Better customer experiences that can produce greater business returns for you is the goal of our services:

Complexity Management

Customer Experience

Customer Service Transformation

Digital and Mobile Solutions

Omni Business

Sales Effectiveness

Marketing Transformation

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Optimize your sector operations

Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work.
Our deep sector knowledge embraces both current trends and future challenges. CNET Global Solutions offers insight into what’s coming over the hill, from threats and disruptions to opportunities and innovations.

Streamline your support functions

High performing firms focus on advancing their business functions to surpass the competition. They look for opportunities to leverage technology, digital labor, analytics, and service delivery options to create agility.

These firms never cease to ask:

Are my teams deployed effectively?

How can technology serve my purpose?

What processes can be automated?

Are there tax implications to be considered?

In our increasingly complex world, a holistic view of business functions can yield great returns. CNET Global Solutions services help organizations transform with precision and experience:

Global Business Services

Human Resources

Information Technology

Innovation and Engineering


Sales and Marketing

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Turn your technology vision into reality

Technology has many definitions - enabler, disruptor, value drainer and contributor, cost center, and competitive differentiator…to name a few. It has rightfully earned these definitions.

Is your technology working for you as it should?

Are you able to harness the power of your legacy technology investments while taking advantage of new opportunities?

Emerging technologies, such as cloud/“as-a-Service”, internet of things, digital, and mobile, are truly game changers. Indeed, as they inherently transform virtually all internal and customer-facing operations, they can either work for, or against, your enterprise.

Our comprehensive approach – from strategy through execution – can help you understand and manage the full array of business, technology, security, change management, compliance, and tax ramifications. Our integrated teams and solutions enable your business strategy with the speed and agility necessary in today’s market:


Digital and Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

IT Strategy

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Technology and Process Integration

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Leverage your people as strategic assets

People can become your organization's greatest asset when you tackle these talent challenges. Adopting a forward-looking focus will help you tune into the needs of future talent.

What capabilities drive market success? What risks are there into acquiring and retaining that capability? How are you positioned against your competitors? We believe this process starts by understanding what skills and capabilities you will require tomorrow.

Treating talent management as a business-critical process. Strategic talent management should be part of business planning, not a standalone HR exercise. What is the quality of your talent pipeline and succession plan? How are you responding to multi-generational workforces? We believe placing these risks firmly on the radar of people at the right level is key to developing and maintaining your competitive advantage.

Looking beyond traditional talent management approaches to hiring, developing, and retaining the best people. CNET Global Solutions can help ensure you have access to the talent needed for the future by helping you assess potential business acquisitions, joint ventures, or alliances as new sources of essential talent -- or taking workforce flexibility to a whole new level through greater use of contingent workers, for example.

CNET Global Solutions’ services can help your business embrace change and strengthen performance through proactive approaches for improving your organization's most valuable asset, your people:

Change Management

Employee Engagement

Learning and Development

Onboarding Tools

Organizational Design

Talent Management

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Convert your data to insights

Analytics solutions enable you to take your toughest information-based problems, apply data science and rich analysis, and potentially a create smarter process for your customers, business and employees.

What questions are you asking today?

Is my business model aligned for success?

Are my clients as profitable as they could be?

How do we drive operational processes, allocate capital and resources?

Are we able to predict future outcomes?

Are we as responsive to business change as we should be?

Analytics represents the ability to acquire, consolidate and transform simple data into relevant information, allowing knowledge to drive business decisions and actions. But extracting actionable information from data grows more difficult as data volumes continue to swell. Decades of technology innovation have focused on moving businesses beyond reliance on spreadsheets, yet manual and offline tools continue to underpin critical management decision making and reporting.

CNET Global Solutions can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real time, historical and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Importantly, we also help you recreate processes and operating models around data and analytics solutions and help with the implementation and change management of these solutions.

CNET Global Solutions’ services address functionalities and issues across the enterprise including:


Enterprise Performance Management

Information Management

Integrated Business Planning

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Service Now

Technology has the potential to change everything. By connecting ServiceNow’s platform with CNET’s knowledge in service management process design, integration, and organizational change, we are opening up new possibilities for IT to empower businesses and their customers.


ITSM (IT Service Management)

You may be just getting started on your ITSM (IT Service Management) journey, or moving toward next generation ITSM technology. Or you may have reached a level of maturity where you are exploring how to drive further success from your ITSM initiatives through enterprise service management (ESM). Regardless of where you are now, you need to position your IT organization to drive business results.

Those in the process of adopting ITSM require proven, practical experience and leadership to accelerate their time to maturity while avoiding common pitfalls. Those optimizing existing ITSM capabilities look for insights into the latest technology platforms and experience on seamless platform transition. Extending ITSM to the enterprise via ESM requires knowledge of the broader corporate service portfolio and shared services operating models.

CNET Global Solutions supports its clients’ ITSM needs through proven, repeatable methodologies and reference models honed over the past 20 years, spanning strategy, design, build, implement, and operate. Its capabilities extend far beyond core ITIL/ITSM frameworks, delivering additional breadth and depth through the following capabilities:

Manage the Change

A change in service delivery model can cause significant disruption. CNET Global Solutions can help you with your organization design and development, behavioral change management, workforce optimization, and other strategic issues.

Transform Your ITSM Capability

With the inextricable link between IT and business services, we believe ESM can be most effective when positioned as a core capability within an enterprise’s global business services (GBS) organization. CNET Global Solutions can help you deliver enterprise-wide, cross-functional services that support your business strategy, and manage and optimize your services portfolio. Change in service delivery model can cause significant disruption. CNET Global Solutions can help you with your organization design and development, behavioral change management, workforce optimization, and other strategic issues.

Gain Additional Value from ITSM Communities of Interest

CNET Global Solutions has established a host of global ITSM Communities of Interest. Far from the rote ITIL playbook, these Communities help ensure value-add experiences, leading practices, and lessons learned are leverageable by all CNET Global Solutions team members across all clients – and providers – in all industries. The Communities include Service Operations, Digital Service Experience, Service Portfolio and Demand Management, Asset Management, Reporting and Performance Analytics, Service Catalog, Delivery Methodology, and Testing.

Benefit from Alliances with ITSM Technology Platform Providers

CNET Global Solutions has an alliance with the leading ITSM technology.



We do more than one facet. IT Service Management Assessment represent a strategic first step in achieving ITSM best practice implementation. Although assessment reports provide organizations with valuable information, sometimes inexperienced service providers deliver little more than process maturity scores, strengths and weaknesses within their reports. Thus, it pays to have an experience ITSM compliance assessment from a service provider with deep, practical experience. An effective ITSM compliance assessment should answer the most critical questions for when looking at the ITSM/IT Compliance puzzle which is:

What strategic actions and decisions can be implemented that will lead to the initiation of optimization of IT Service Management and streamlined compliance?

What is the most cost-effective approach?

What actions can we take to accelerate our ITSM program?

CNET Global Solutions assessment solution is designed to deliver objective and fact-based evidence to position your IT organization’s current practices within the framework of ITSM/IT compliance by identifying the steps, efforts and action plan required to attain repeatable, sustained and economical IT service excellence and aligned IT compliance.


Through our proven service methodology, CNET Global Solutions assessment precisely identifies the process changes required to fully comply with the desired standards. To achieve this objective, each assessment compares the current practices to Industry Best Practices and proposes recommendations for a smooth transition to the targeted requirements for the IT Department. Our comprehensive IT assessment also identifies the risks associated to these requirements delivering actionable intelligence for your organization.


Our streamlined assessment process will comprehensively answer these key questions and take your organization to the state of organized actions and decisions. CNET Global Solutions makes it easier for you to initiate action and to make enlightened decisions.

Presented via a Web report, the ITSM/IT Compliance Assessment Report provides detailed custom information regarding your organization’s specifics, including:

High-level observations and recommendations

Gap diagram with references to best practices and ITSM standards (ISO 20000)

Solution Architecture Overview

Proposed action-oriented roadmap to ITSM/IT Compliance

Fast track steps to best practices ITSM/IT Compliance implementation

Risks and critical success factors of ITSM/IT Compliance for your organization

Proposed growth strategy

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ITAM (IT Asset Management)

There’s a new normal in the asset management space. Increased transaction volumes. More demanding investors and customers. Expansion into new products and geographies. Escalating pressures on governance, transparency and fees. A more challenging regulatory environment across multiple jurisdictions. And greater focus on cost-efficiency. Today’s asset management businesses must navigate an ever-more-complex marketplace to position themselves to their stakeholders as both effective and efficient stewards of their capital and brands.

For public real estate companies and investment funds, alternative investment funds, engineering and construction firms, and hospitality companies, the opportunities and challenges have never been greater. To succeed, you must not only anticipate what lies ahead, but also find ways to adapt your organization to a changing capital allocation model, increased reliance on technology and data analytics, and new approaches to customer engagement.

CNET Global’ Asset Management professionals can help you succeed in this new environment. We marry global reach with local enablement to ensure you have the right experience and skill sets wherever you want to operate. Our industry focus enables us to ask the right questions and align our resources with your needs. And with our broad spectrum of service offerings, including industry-leading technology, we can serve these needs throughout the organization as they evolve.


ITOM (IT Operations Management)

ServiceNow ServiceWatch Suite is a complete and integrated services operations solution that builds seamlessly on your existing ITSM investment – including CMDB, Incident and Problem Management, Change Management and Service Catalog.

CNET Global can help you transform IT Operations Management.

Problems You Face

CNET Global’s Solutions

·       Manual discovery for business services.

·       Business services and IT infrastructure misaligned.

·       Manual process to detect and diagnose services issues.

·       No self-service model causes wasted time by IT staff.

·       Weak governance model.

·       Risky planned outages for service upgrades.


·       Automate discovery of business services/IT infrastructure.

·       Bridge the gap between services and infrastructure.

·       Automate detection/diagnosis across IT systems.

·       Automatic provisioning/configuring of requested services.

·       Better governance—auditable service operations process.

·       Reduce risks by seeing impact ahead of time.


HR (Human Resources)

HR Transformation focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function by aligning HR services with the needs of the business to deliver measurable business value.  CNET Global creates greater business value from HR through integrated transformation services that extend from strategy through execution. Our holistic methodology incorporates all the necessary people, process, technology, service delivery, and information components, including market-leading practices and solutions.


Many organizations are turning to Service Management to improve service quality and deliver a wide range of services in important areas such as HR.  As a process information technology departments commonly use, service management can also provide a consistent, scalable and automated way to deliver more HR products and services to employees.  ServiceNow HR Service Management is cloud based software platform that streamlines and automates how HR interacts with the customers.

Managed Services

Companies today have a growing dependency on frequently changing, up-to-the-minute, digital information. Inefficient IT processes can disrupt the flow of this vital data, leading to lost production, sales, and revenues. Our US based, certified industry experts deliver a full range of managed services to address your business challenges and IT complexities.

There are many reasons to engage CNET Global Solutions for Managed Services, but the biggest one is so you can stop worrying about a problem or project that is diverting your attention from your business stability and growth. Perhaps you need new technology to stay competitive. Maybe you have to replace the expertise of a recently lost subject matter expert. You might be tempted to handle it yourself, but can you take on extra work without affecting day-to-day management or your ability to steer the company with strong, positive initiatives? Suppose you scout, hire and train an employee and provide attractive compensation and benefits. After months of effort and thousands of dollars, your resources are only one layer deep in a single, specific discipline. What happens when they, leave, take sick, or go on vacation?

Instead of trying to become a recruiter, consider us the next time you need help administering an office or data center technology that supports and advances your business. You will never have to give it another thought, except to check it off of your list. We provide end-to-end solutions in sales, service, installation and support that are fully customized to meet your business needs. We bridge the technology gap between IT manufacturers and organizations that are seeking to leverage technology and optimize business practices. Our resources and expertise give you the solutions that meet your company’s mission critical goals.