IT Operations

CNET Global Solutions Inc is a recognized leader in enabling the IT Organization with process guidance across all life cycles of a service. We support our clients through the basic transition and operations processes like request, incident, change, release, knowledge, and problem management, as well as with the processes that have traditionally been considered more difficult to implement like capacity management, demand management, service level management, and availability management.

CNET Global Solutions key focus is on simplifying what we believe to be the core of good service management—configuration management and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). At the heart of configuration management is the service. Most people focus on “controlling configuration items” when it comes to the process. We believe that the true value of the process is in enabling the CMDB to be an effective supporter of the service. An effective CMDB can help you build your services, understand them, explain them to your customers, and even improve them. A CMDB can go through levels of maturity based on your IT’s level of maturity. Our approach is to match the strategic goals of your IT with your CMDB to enable those goals.

Our Solutions

CNET Global Solutions Inc has been serving the IT Service Management (ITSM) market for more than 8 years and has worked with leading clients in all industries to support their ITSM solutions. Our team is recognized for the following:

  • Dedicated ITSM practice model based on industry leading practices and significant implementation experience.
  • Established methodology carefully crafted from industry leading practices with an extensive library of techniques, tools, and templates across the process, organization, technology, and facilities work streams.
  • Thought leadership through continuous R&D, producing next-generation solutions.
  • Independent knowledge of and access to software vendors through strongly developed alliances with market leaders.
  • Established track record of successfully “operationalizing” ITIL-based Service Management solutions across all industries, including service providers.

ServiceNow platform

CNET Global Solutions services for the ServiceNow Platform include:

  • Creating an effective strategy and roadmap to move from a legacy ITSM solution to ServiceNow.
  • Performing a gap analysis between the current and to-be solution.
  • Enabling design of a strong CMDB with an effective configuration management process.
  • Defining and providing workflow requirements for ServiceNow development teams based on client business needs.
  • Assisting with ITSM process design, validation, and deployment using our ITIL-based process packs to enable quicker speed to value.
  • Creating and documenting process flows, work instructions, SOPs, guidelines, and other collateral for ITSM processes.
  • Providing implementation support including project management, tool, process, and role-based testing, training, and command center support.
  • Evaluating and assisting with defining client and client’s third-party service provider’s contractual and Service Level Management requirements, and corresponding reporting needs.
  • Building an internal business application service offering including service definition, SLAs, development processes, cost models, and marketing materials
  • ServiceNow’s Business Application platform readiness for planning and governance design helps in legacy application rationalization and planning and execution services.
  • Application solution planning, design and implementation.
  • Project oversight and governance.
  • System testing services to support deployment or release readiness review.
  • Organizational change management and training services.

CNET Global Solutions delivery approach focuses on key aspects as needed to plan and implement comprehensive technology services capabilities, including Services, Controls, Processes, Organization, Technology and Finance. The depth into each dimension will vary based on the scope of the transformation.


The strategy phase involves the development of strategic actions to gain an advantage in business and technology efforts. The application of a consistent framework is necessary for subsequent phases.

Requirements and Design

The requirements and design phases define the detailed requirements, priorities, and scope of the engagement. These phases are critical to reducing risk and ensuring project completeness.


The build phase executes the development and customization of the solution. This phase also involves the majority of preparation activities for implementation.


The implement phase delivers the business solution and supports the associated transition activities. This phase also requires additional planning to ensure the continuity of all business operations.


The operate phase delivers the solution and includes post-implementation activities. This phase also consists of identifying future improvements and providing on-going support.

Extending your ServiceNow platform to business service applications beyond IT, such as HR, procurement, or R&D, presents a host of new opportunities for organizations. Easy-to-use form and workflow-driven applications can be deployed quickly and without the need to source, procure, or prepare a new environment.

New applications on ServiceNow can:

  • Leverage your existing instance and foundational data such as locations, users, and the information from any other application already deployed in ServiceNow.
  • Deploy quickly with a relatively small amount of development and configuration effort.
  • Develop a prototype quickly to demonstrate functionality to stakeholders.

Challenges presented to organizations:

  • How to transition an IT Service Management (ITSM)-focused platform to one applicable to a broader business audience.
  • How to best enforce governance on a new instance of the platform.
  • How to continuously improve your ITSM platform applications while making room for and planning to support new business applications.
  • How to identify new applications as candidates for the ServiceNow platform.
  • How to manage groups of developers working in the same development environment.

ServiceNow offers a feature rich platform for rapidly building business applications. Current customers can learn from others’ challenges and successes building business applications along with their own. This benefit combined with the implementation team’s inherent IT operation knowledge can offer a smooth transition to a steady state after an organization goes live. And learning to leverage IT operational information allows organizations to better plan and run business applications.