AIMS is an end to end cloud orchestration & management solution supporting every stage of cloud system life cycle including:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Service management
  • Auto Healing
  • Auto Scaling
  • Load Balancing
  • Monitoring
  • Log Analysis

AIMS is built to interface with all major cloud providers like AWS, Azure, VMWare etc and supports both Linux and Windows operating system distributions.

Infrastructure Orchestration

Provisioning resources - Create virtual instances based on user requirements. Network configuration can be achieved based on available privileges.

Install operating system - Launch new instances with user chosen images on any provider.

Manage virtual instances - All the instances can be managed through AIMS. The following are the list of operations included and these can be executed on single instances or group of instances in parallel.

  • Create
  • Start/Stop
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Edit Configuration Settings
  • Delete
  • Modify Firewall Settings

Service orchestration

AIMS has functionality to deploy services on containers or virtual machine or bare metal servers. Installing services on containers is preferred option and helps achieve the following abilities at application level.

Service orchestration helps to install and manage any service or package on a single or group of instances. The following service operations are included,

  • Install/Uninstall software
  • Update
  • Start/stop/restart services
  • Change default configurations
  • Enforce package versions across environment
  • Upgrade/downgrade/rollback


Discovery deals with detecting new infrastructure changes to any environment or any service changes to instances. AIMS can do infrastructure discovery and service discovery.

Infrastructure Discovery

Auto Discovery - AIMS has the capability to detect the list of active servers in Data Center. If any active instances are discovered application can add them for real time monitoring. AIMS can monitor the health of each instance.

Service Discovery

Application has the ability to discover all installed services of any instance. AIMS has ability to monitor any/all installed services and can generate alerts if the service status change happens.


  • Automated infrastructure and service deployment minimizes human interaction thus eliminating redundancy and errors.
  • Real time monitoring of infrastructure / services provides up to the minute data and alerts of any faults.
  • Auto discovery provides real-time monitoring and updates the database with any configuration changes.
  • Centralized logs help to identify the cause.
  • Role based authentication allows only authorized users to request for any change to the environment.
  • Ensures approved and authorized packages and/or versions are installed.
  • Any unauthorized packages and/or versions of packages will be removed on-demand or scheduled and notify user.